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Survey of attitudes of nurse and midwife university students for provision of health and social services for children and families

Daniela Taseva, Katya Vasileva


The chances for human health are closely related to the conditions under which they are born and they live. The deinstitutionalization of children up to 18 years includes activities for providing community living for every child by establishing a system of services and measures ensuring the prevention of abandonment.

Aim: The aim of this study is to identify the factors influencing career choices and the willingness of nurses and midwives to provide health and social services for prevention of abandonment of children, supporting families of children with medical risk in the family environment.

Material and Methods: For the purpose of this study we examined the opinion of 40 nurse and midwife university students enrolled for the school year 2015/2016 in the branch campus - Veliko Tarnovo, with mean age of 28.7 years. Documentary method, a 9-item questionnaire and graphical analysis are used.

Results and discussion: The data from this survey shows that 37.7% of respondents chose this profession because they would have a successful future realization. The choice of profession of all of the nurses is the first desire and less than half (40%) of midwives have made their first career choice. Sixty percent of all students say they would work with children with disabilities, 63% of them are partly familiar with the problems of families who raise children with disabilities.

Conclusions: Based on the motivated professional choice and the positive attitude of students to the problems of children at risk and in implementation of the strategic documents, it is necessary to update the programme of studies in clinical practice and to introduce an optional subject `Early childhood intervention` in the programme of studies.


students, nurse, midwife, integrated healthand social services

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