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Treatment algorithm for seborrheic dermatitis

Argir Argirov, Ilko Bakardziev, Georgi Pehlivanov


Seborrheic dermatitis (SD) is a common pathology in dermatological practice of multifactorial but not clearly defined pathogenesis and complex nosology. Conventional treatment is local and/or systemic. Modern approaches for management include more and more aggressive preparations such as glucocorticosteroids, immunosupressants, systemic antifungals, synthetic retinoids, etc. This is associated with a potential risk for the occurrence of severe adverse effects, especially under the conditions of long-lasting and repeated usage of these medicaments. The present therapeutic algorithm provides to the clinician a rapid and easy access for choice of treatment according to SD severity meeting the contemporary requirements and availability to any indicated therapeutic approaches of the evidence-based medicine.


себореен дерматит; локално лечение; системно лечение; фототерапия; терапевтичен aлгоритъм; seborrheic dermatitis; local treatment; systemic therapy; phototherapy; treatment algorithm

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