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The X-ray technician in the echographic diagnosis

Desislava Nikolova, Petranca Gagova, Doroteya Dobreva


The ultrasound examination, also known as echographic diagnosis, is part of the imaging diagnostics. It has been applied in medicine for more than 50 years and there is no data of harmful effects on patients. It enables doctors to detect diseases without using ionizing radiation.

The aim of the current article is to present the opinion of x-ray technician students about the possible participation of x-ray technicians in performing the echographic examination.

Documentary, sociological and statistical methods were used. Internet resources concerning this topic were researched. A direct anonymous questionnaire among 38 students in the Medical College - Sofia was applied and a mathematical and statistic analysis of the results was prepared.

The investigation shows that 58% of the students are interested in this type of diagnostics but 79% categorically declare that their preparation is not sufficient to conduct the examination alone. Of the respondents, 39% are unaware that in other countries the echographic examination is conducted by x-ray technicians instead of doctors. Experience worldwide shows that after profiled education, the x-ray technicians are able to conduct echographic examinations alone.

Without underestimating the complexity and responsibility of determining a diagnosis by ultrasound examination, we consider that after further advanced training, conducting echographic examination by the x-ray technicians will facilitate the work of medical specialists who use this method.


echographic diagnosis, x-ray technician, education

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