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Professional caregiver qualification training worldwide

Krasimira Laleva, Lora Georgieva


The increasing need of supporting care of patients in hospitals and of outpatient care requires high quality of services. Therefore, it is necessary for it to be performed by well-trained professionals. For this purpose, as discussed in this article, programmes have been developed to train caregivers and health assistants in different countries around the world. The institutions providing the necessary professional training, medical knowledge and certificates for authorized practice of this profession are specialized medical schools and private companies. Medical school training is carried out by highly qualified medical staff who guarantee the excellence of training and practice in a team with other health professionals. Private companies providing training for caregivers also contribute to the acquisition of knowledge, but due to lack of sufficient academic preparation and inadequate work in hospital environment, the training is performed in a short period of time and does not always guarantee the gain of sufficient specialized skills.


caregivers, professional qualification, training programmes

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