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Specifics of the workplace conflict in the implementation of state health control

Valentina Aleksandrova, Teodora Todorova, Gergana Veleva


Conflict is an integral part of our lives. Unfortunately, everyday we are part of it. In implementing state health control, employees often fall into conflict situations that adversely affect their psycho-emotional condition. The activities of health inspectors are very specific with irregular working hours and mobile workplaces, which in addition to being different because of the type of sites visited are also with a wide territorial range. Serious knowledge of the current legislation and a high level of professional competence are necessary. While working, health inspectors communicate and interact with various people. Business skills for conducting inspections, meetings and work with citizens are of great importance for employees from state inspections for the management and reduction of the conflict at the workplace.

The purpose of this study was to determine the extent and specifics of the conflict in the implementation of state health control. A survey of employees of Regional Health Inspections and District Directorates of Food Safety in Varna, Dobrich, Sliven was conducted. Data show that all employees, in the performance of their duties, fall into conflict situations at least once a week. As the most common cause of emerging conflict situations, respondents indicated outdated regulations, lack of information reaching the public, the poor economic situation and the great mental stress at work. Good communication, business conduct and positive attitude always help and conflicts can be resolved easily and quickly.


conflict, control, workplace, health inspector, citizens, employees

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