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Study of the awareness level of parents about issues related to spine deformities and flat foot in children and their treatment

Anushka Uzunova, Katia Mollova, Ilia Popov, Mariana Albert


The health of the nation is a priority of the health care system of each country. The main activities in this direction should be directed towards facilitating adequate prevention, accurate and timely diagnosis, modern and effective methods of treatment. Spinal deformities can be in side or front-to-rear directions, in conjunction, or not, with torsion vertebrae, often combined with deformities of the chest. Therefore, when such changes occur, they affect not only the spine but also organs and systems in the chest as well as the musculoskeletal system. This leads to a change in the posture and the gait with incorrect pressure of the articular apparatus and afterwards to a shift and pressure of organs in the thoracic and abdominal cavity and the impairment of their functions. Deformations occur slowly and gradually and may become a prerequisite for serious health problems with the advance of age.

The aim of the study is to reveal the level of awareness of parents of children in preschool and school age in terms of deformities of the spine and flat feet as diseases and the consequences for adolescents due to lack of prevention, late diagnosis and treatment.

Materials and Methods: Parents of preschool and school children up to third grade were studied in the city of Stara Zagora, using direct individual anonymous polls.


spinal deformities, flat feet, diagnosis, treatment

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