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Spectral epidemiological analysis of infectious diseases treated in the Clinic of Infectious Diseases in Varna for the period 2015-2017

Rumen Konstantinov, Anna Kircheva, Anka Baeva


The admission of patients to the Clinic of Infectious Diseases for the treatment of acute infectious diseases is based on specific criteria and regulatory requirements for clinical, epidemiological and infectious risk assessment. There are specific requirements for the treatment and diagnosis, and the anti-epidemic treatment regimens. We examined and analyzed the admission of patients with AID at the Clinic of Infectious Diseases, according to diagnoses and months of the year, comparing them with the general contagious morbidity in the Varna region. We discussed the results in a comparative plan with another similar survey conducted by us for the period between 1979 and 1983. We applied the analytical conclusions to the future organization of the medical-diagnostic, isolation and anti-epidemic regimens in the Clinic, which ensure safe care for the patients.


infectious disease station; AID; diagnosis; seasonality

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