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Regional lymph node metastases in a patient with adenosquamous breast cancer with syringomatous component

Vassilena Tsvetkova



Low-grade adenosquamous breast cancer (ASBC) is a rare histological subtype of metaplastic breast cancer. Even tough it is a triple negative cancer, it is characterised by a good prognosis, low probability of distant metastases and higher risk of local relapses.

Clinical Case

This is a clinical case of a 65-year-old woman with a retroareolar nodule on the left breast. After histological examination a diagnosis of low-grade adenosquamous breast cancer was established. Further examination of lymph nodes showed regional metastasis of ASBC.


Due to its specific growth patterns the diagnosis could easily be mistaken, mostly on core biopsy samples. Vast differential diagnosis is required. The definitive diagnosis could be given on histological examination of surgical sample. Therefore, the recommended treatment is surgical removal of the lesion until more follow-up data is available in literature.



adenosquamous; breast; cancer; metastasis

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