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Gum massage

Vladimir Panov


Massage relaxes muscles, reduces pain and stress, increases energy, improves sleep. Used for the purpose of toning and relaxing the body, it is one of the most ancient ways of treating various traumas. Massage is applicable to oral care as a gum massage.

Massaging of the gums causes an increase in blood flow and improves the trophism of the massaged area. This increases the body's natural defenses and stimulates the immune system. Different devices, such as brushes, oral irrigators, different massagers, have good massaging effect. Gum massage can be part of daily oral health care. Its usefulness and ease of implementation make it an indispensable mouth care assistant. Applying different devices to its performance can greatly improve its effect. Unlike toothbrushes, toothpastes or dental floss,  the use of tooth massagers is less common.


massage, gums, massager

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