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Study on the awareness and preparedness for flood of foreign nationals temporarily residing in Varna - part one

Hristianna Romanova, Nikolina Radeva, Rositsa Vasileva


A survey was conducted of 230 young English-speaking (AE) young individuals from 12 countries in Europe and Asia to investigate awareness and preparedness to assist with floods.

The percentage of respondents who survived a flood is high (42.00%). The majority of respondents (64.60%) were not informed whether they were living in a zone prone to flooding.

Respondents' self-assessment for first aid in floods is high (75.00%), but overall disaster preparedness is not sufficient because 78.90% considered themselves unprepared. It was found that the self-esteem of the study group was also low for flood protection: 48.50% believe that they do not have enough knowledge and 42.70% think it is partial.

We scored high the ability of those in the study group who knew how to swim - 81.50%, which will help save their lives in a real situation.


disaster preparedness, flood assistance

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