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Trends in the use of extemporaneous dosage forms in the pharmaceutical practice in Varna

Stanislava Ivanova, Desislava Aleksandrova, Momchil Lambev, Antonia Hristova


Introduction: An extemporaneous preparation is the preparation of a medicinal product in a pharmacy using formulation from an existing pharmacopoeia. The key element and main advantage of the formulations prepared ex tempore is that they are solely targeted towards a particular patient and their specific illness.

Scientific research in the past decades and the introduction of industrially manufactured products in the pharmaceutical practices has led to the gradual decrease in the volume of pharmacies dispensing and compounding, raising issues about the safety, reliability and efficiency of the extemporaneous preparation of products in relation to the high standards associated.

Aim: The current survey aims to establish the gains of prescribing and dispensing extemporaneous medical products.

Materials and Methods: The target of the research will be doctors and pharmacists on the territory of the city of Varna. Their views would be explored through a direct individual survey.


extemporaneous dosage form, individual therapy, research, usage, pharmaceutical practice

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