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Study of the Opinion of Medical Specialists and Social Workers Regarding Medico-Social Assistance Organization for Older Adults and Elderly People in Home Settings

Yanka Markova, Silvia Borisova


According to the National Statistical Institute, an older adult person has an average of 4-6 illnesses. In most of the cases chronic illnesses lead to vital function disturbance, partial or overall loss of self-service, moving, socialization, and working ability. All these factors impose system organization of constant medical and social cares.

The last counting census dated 01 February 2011 determines a vast increase of individuals with 50% and more disability. These individuals have needs of complex medico-social assistance, mostly these of the most vulnerable group – solitary older adults, elderly people and disabled individuals.

Research Objective: The aim of this article is analysis of the opinion of medical specialists and social workers regarding medico-social assistance organization for older adults and solitary elderly people in home settings as a basis for optimization of offered services and needed resource.

Subjects and Methods: The research object is the opinion of medical specialists and social workers on the needs, current situation and organization of medico-social help for older adults and solitary elderly individuals in home settings.

The applied methods include: sociological inquiry (anonymous); statistical processing and graphical interpretation of the analyzed results.

Results and Discussion: The research results prove the inefficiency of the current system, necessity of change of forms and organization leading to better medical and social services in home settings.

Conclusion: Specialist opinion regarding organisation of medical-social assistance for adults and old people confirms the necessity of offering, experimenting and using new mixed forms of the assistance offered in home settings.


adults and old people, medico-social assistance at home, resources

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