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Problems In The Communication Between Parents And Children. Possible Solutions

Veronika Krasteva, Kalina Georgieva, Marinela Grudeva


Communication is a process of interaction between at least two participants, each of whom joins the interaction with their personal characteristics, attitudes, problems, and concerns. The process itself does not guarantee efficient understanding between the involved parties, because effective communication is based on effective listening. This dependence is manifested in the form of the so-called “eternal conflict” between parents and children, which is based on children’s need to express themselves, to take up their place in the world, and the parents’ fears and ambitions regarding children’s health and well-being. Parents usually listen passively, absorbed by their own concerns, and often ignore the serious problems and issues that bother their children and do not notice their fears, joys, successes. This is particularly noticeable in families where there are problems between the parents themselves. These problems are transferred on to the children and have various impacts on their consciousness and behaviour depending on the age of the child. There are often actions due to injured self-esteem and lost desire for development and improvement. Caught in an inappropriate, negative environment young people very quickly lose ground under their feet and forget all good models of upbringing. In recent years, with the introduction of social networks and the strong influence of the Internet and the new technologies, the trend of miscommunication between parents and children has been deepening – a trend that leads to alienation, disintegration of relationships, destruction of family values and traditions. Children feel abandoned, unnecessary, underestimated. To achieve a meaningful and effective communication, both parties must be ready to compromise. Parents should take the lead and strive to get as close to their child as possible, to enter their world, to be useful to them.


interaction, communication, family, parents, child, society

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