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The Relationship between PSA and Gleason Score in Prostate Cancer Patients: Our Clinical Experience

Boyan Lazarov


From January 2013 to May 2021, a single-center, non-interventional study was conducted in order to examine patients who underwent radical prostatectomy at the Clinic of Urology at St. Anna Hospital in Varna. The two key parameters of prostate carcinoma—the prostate-specific antigen and the Gleason score—were studied. It was proven that there is a close relationship between them. When the prostate-specific antigen increases, the Gleason score increases accordingly; this corresponds to a worsening of the differentiation of the prostate cancer. Furthermore, this correlation existed both for the Gleason score from the biopsy and that determined after the surgical treatment.


biopsy of the prostate, radical prostatectomy

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