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Thalassotherapy awareness among pregnant women

Todorka Velikova Boeva, Tsvetomira Tsvetanova, Simona Andreeva


Thalassotherapy, originating from the Greek term "thalassa" meaning sea, harnesses the therapeutic potential of mineral-rich seawater and marine elements such as seaweed, sea mud, sand, and sea breeze.

Objective: To study the awareness of pregnant women about the methods of thalassotherapy and their application during and after pregnancy.

Materials and methods: The study involved 229 pregnant women at various pregnancy stages, utilizing surveys and documentary analysis as research tools.

Results and Discussion: The findings highlight that a considerable portion of surveyed pregnant women lack adequate awareness of the benefits provided by thalassotherapy techniques. Encouragingly, a significant number of respondents express interest in deepening their understanding of this therapeutic approach. Primary sources of information include consultations with healthcare professionals (doctors, midwives) and medical offices. Factors hindering thalassotherapy adoption include limited familiarity with the method and concerns about potential side effects. Recognizing the healing properties of seawater and marine elements, the study emphasizes the necessity of promoting thalassotherapy methods.

Conclusion: The study's outcomes lead to several conclusions. Firstly, pregnant women generally lack familiarity with thalassotherapy methods. However, the positive aspect lies in their willingness to explore and receive additional information about its utilization during and post-pregnancy. This underscores the role of midwifery in health promotion, prevention, and proactive care.


thalassotherapy, information, pregnancy, prevention, midwife

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