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Strategies for combating stress during an exam session

Inna Nikolaeva Ivanova, Ivailo Ivanov Atanasov, Valya Dimitrova


Introduction: In modern society, individuals encounter various stressful situations daily, ranging from the morning alarm to challenges in transportation, the workplace, and family environments. The accumulation of exams and the desire for academic success can transform into a significant source of stress without the implementation of effective coping strategies.

Objective: This study aims to investigate stress levels during exam sessions and the utilization of coping strategies among students in the "Midwife" program at the Medical University of Varna.

Materials and Methods: A direct anonymous survey was conducted in April 2023 among students in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years of the "Midwife" program at MU - Varna (N=112). The study utilized documentary, sociological, statistical, and graphical methods for data processing.

Results and Discussion: Nearly all students reported experiencing stress during exam sessions (97.1%), with oral exams identified as the most stressful form (91.3%). Assessment of stress levels during the last exam session revealed extremely high levels in 44.4% of respondents, significant levels in 36.9%, and moderate levels in 14.6%. Common symptoms of stress included anxiety (85.4%), insomnia (64.1%), difficulties in concentration (54.4%), irritability (53.4%), among others.

Conclusions: Analysis of the results highlights the necessity for educating students on the application of effective coping strategies during exam sessions.


students, stress, exam session, coping strategies

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