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Homo Janus Bulgaricus: Psychology and Psychopathology (not only) of Bulgarians

Georgi Chaldakov


This book will be released in January 2017. It contains a foreword, 110 essays, a self-portrait, Praise of snowdrop, 28 science-in-fiction, an interview and coda, 18 of them presented bilingual - in Bulgarian and English, on a total of 377 pages, 9 of them presented herein.


"Finally in this hollow, lonely village complete his search. In a small shabby house, the Truth sat nearby the fire. He had never seen a more old and ugly woman.

- Are you the Truth?

Old, wrinkled witch nodded solemnly.

- Say what have to tell the world? What message to


The old woman spat in the fire and answered:

- Tell them I`m young and beautiful!

Robert Tompkins, `In Search of the Truth`

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About The Author

Georgi Chaldakov
Medical University of Varna

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