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Editor's foreword

George N. Chaldakov


In 1992, Editor's Foreword of Biomedical Reviews (BMR), volume 1, started with the above cited poetry of Sheenagh Pugh, a British poet, novelist and translator, who taught creative writing at the University of Glamorgan in Wales until retiring in 2008. Then, from London, I wrote: "After 45 years of sorrow, the "sometimes" melting point reached Bulgaria too. The Journal is a part of such a sometime-ness that has become possible through collaborative work with my friends, Dr P. Ghenev, Dr K. Dikranian and Mr K. Kralev - executive director of the Bulgarian-American Center in Varna."

Biomedical Reviews 2011; 22: iii-iv.

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George N. Chaldakov
Medical University of Varna

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