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Научни трудове – Висше военноморско училище „Н. Й. Вапцаров“

Increasing of safety by modeling of specific operations at sea

Валентин Василев


It is necessary wide range of activities at sea to be covered by strict requirements related to the safety. The role of different types of simulators and simulating systems becomes more important than ever. The trend is shaped by demanding requirements of International Maritime Organization (IMO) by interests of stakeholders and last, but not least it is constrained by abilities of Educational and Training Institutions all over the world. It is almost impossible without comprehensive understanding of real life processes that are essential for functioning of Maritime Transportation System. Offshore crane operations are specific and very essential for the safety at sea. For that reason specialized simulators and modeling of crane operations are vital in order to improve safety by training experienced operators, producing favorable virtual environment and making possible certification and verification of various safety plans and procedures.

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