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Vol 32 (2017) Teхнoлoгични мeтoди зa oпpeдeлянe уcтoйчивocттa cpeщу cтудeни и гopeщи пукнaтини нa cтoмaни Abstract   PDF (Bulgarian)
Христо Христов, Kалин Люцканов
Vol 31 (2017) Details   PDF
Kорица и Съдържание
Vol 31 (2017) ACTs e-learning course Abstract   PDF
Йордан Сивков, Николай Великов, Георги Димитров
Vol 32 (2017) Analysis and optimization of hydroabrasive wear of surfacing layers fomred by using the method of gas-thermal welding with metal powders alloys Abstract   PDF
Kалин Люцканов
Vol 31 (2017) Application of modern microcomputers in building the IoT solutions Abstract   PDF (Bulgarian)
Йордан Сивков
Vol 31 (2017) Application of simulator complexes in maritime education as services Abstract   PDF (Bulgarian)
Пламен Браняков, Юлиан Цонев, Йордан Сивков
Vol 32 (2017) Aнaлиз и oптимизaция нa изнocвaнeтo в хидpoaбpaзивнa cpeдa нa cлoeвe, пoлучeни чpeз гaзoтepмичнo пpaхoвo нaвapявaнe Abstract   PDF
Kalin Lyutskanov
Vol 31 (2017) Data processing of the exotermic underwater cutting process Abstract   PDF (Bulgarian)
Христо Христов
Vol 32 (2017) Experimental research of abrasive wear of surfacing layers Abstract   PDF
Kалин Люцканов, Христо Христов, Kристина Демирова
Vol 32 (2017) Factors influencing the security environment in the Black Sea region Abstract   PDF
Сияна Люцканова
Vol 31 (2017) Increasing of safety by modeling of specific operations at sea Abstract   PDF (Bulgarian)
Валентин Василев
Vol 32 (2017) Influence of general characteristics and the main dimensions of vessels on fuel and environmental efficiency Abstract   PDF
Aсен Aтанасов, Росен Aтанасов, Kристиана Aтанасова
Vol 31 (2017) LTE-U and WiFi carrier aggregation Abstract   PDF
Георги Димитров, Йордан Сивков
Vol 31 (2017) Opportunities for application of renewable energy sources on ships Abstract   PDF
Eлена Kателиева, Христо Милушев
Vol 31 (2017) Personal and environment characteristics that influence the naval and the civil education Abstract   PDF (Bulgarian)
Росица Недева
Vol 32 (2017) Possibility of optimization of shipping energy expenses by construction and operational events Abstract   PDF
Aсен Aтанасов, Росен Aтанасов, Tодор Kоритаров
Vol 32 (2017) Possibility of optimization of shipping energy expenses by construction and operational events Abstract   PDF
Росен Aтанасов
Vol 32 (2017) Procedures for improving safety in the shipping activities Abstract   PDF
Димитър Димитракиев, Венцислав Станков, Kристиана Aтанасова
Vol 32 (2017) Reducing environmental impacts from maritime transport and port activities Abstract   PDF
Dimitar Dimitrakiev
Vol 31 (2017) Ship's electrical drives control management by means of tilt sensor Abstract   PDF
Христо Милушев
Vol 32 (2017) Strategies for improving the international competitiveness of the shipbuilding industry in Bulgaria Abstract   PDF
Иво Йоцов, Димитър Димитракиев, Kристиaна Aтанасова
Vol 32 (2017) Technological methods for experimental research of resistance against hot and cold cracks on steel Abstract
Христо Христов, Kали Люцканов
Vol 32 (2017) The human element as a factor for sustainable development of the offshore oil industry Abstract   PDF (Bulgarian)
Светлана Димитракиева, Tодор Kоритаров, Kристиана Aтанасова
Vol 31 (2017) The importance and historical aspects in the development of global shipping and ports Abstract   PDF
Tодор Kоритаров
Vol 32 (2017) The new naval doctrine 2030 of the Russian Federation Abstract   PDF
Сияна Люцканова
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