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Annual for Hospital Pharmacy

Vol 7, No 1 (2021)

Cover and Contents

Cover and Content PDF

Original Article

Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of three-component therapies with daratumumab for the treatment of patients with recurrent refractory multiple myeloma PDF
T. Vekov, H. Lebanova, N. Veleva, V. Belcheva, J. Kolev, M Vlahova 5-12
Analysis of marketing authorization procedures with negative opinion 2020-2021 – how EMA handled challenges in drug therapy during Covid-19 pandemic PDF
Violeta Getova, Ilko Getov 13-19
Role of the list of standard terms in the European Pharmacopoeia for the establishment of the different existing pharmaceutical forms PDF
Rostislav Atanasov, Valentina Belcheva, Evgeni Grigorov 20-25

Review Article

Peptide drug delivery: oral approaches PDF
Krum Kafedjiiski 26-32
Current pharmacotherapy of uterine leiomyomas PDF
Vesela Karamisheva 33-38
Antibiotic resistance - a new challenge following the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
Stefan Balkanski 39-45
Do sacubitril/valsartan affect neurocognitive function? PDF
Ralitsa Pancheva 46-50
Diabetes mellitus and hyperglycemia - pathogenesis: focus on SGLT inhibitors PDF
Hristina Nocheva, Mariana Yoncheva, Valentina Belcheva, Evgeni Grigorov 51-61

Translated Article

Promoting clinical pharmacy services through advanced medication review in the emergency department PDF
Ana de Lorenzo-Pinto, Raquel García-Sánchez, Ana Herranz, Iria Miguens, María Sanjurjo-Sáez 62-69
Prevalence of drug interactions in hospitalised elderly patients: a systematic review PDF
Luciana Mello de Oliveira, Juliana do Amaral Carneiro Diel, Alessandra Nunes, Tatiane da Silva Dal Pizzol 70-80