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Bulgarian Review of Ophthalmology

Vol 60, No 3 (2016)

Cover and contents PDF

Clinical Ophthalmology - Diagnostics

Childhood glaucoma PDF
S. Kostova, A. Oscar, V. Haykin 5-10
Age dynamic in the central corneal thickness in children PDF
B. Petrova- Uzunova, V. Chernodrinska, G. Aleksieva 11-15
Refraction dynamics in children up to age 3 PDF
A. Simeonova, V. Chernodrinska, G. Alexieva 16-21

Clinical Ophthalmology - Surgical Treatment

Maximum motor fusion test in determining the target angle for surgical treatment of esotropia PDF
G. Dimitrova, B. Mihaylova 22-27
Causative factors for hyperopia regression in excimer keratorefractive surgery PDF
M. Litev, L. Voynov, T. Mitov, D. Radilov, A. Kalaydjiev 28-37
Lateral Tarsal Strip Procedure for Correction of Involutional Ectropion PDF
Z. Zlatarova, E. Hristova 38-42


Limbal stem cell deficiency - concept and treatment PDF
R. Hristova, I. Tanev 43-56


Academic development. Conferences, symposia, congresses PDF

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