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Varna Medical Forum

Vol 5, No 1 (2016)

Cover and Contents PDF


Prenatal diagnosis - Basic genetic approach to prophylaxis PDF
Mari Hachmeriyan, Lyudmila Angelova 7-12
General aspects, main steps and special issues in genetic counselling medical practice PDF
Lyudmila Angelova, Mari Hachmeriyan 13-20
Adiponectin, some markers of metabolic risk and abdominal obesity in preschool age PDF
Mina Lateva, Violeta Iotova, Ralitsa Popova, Sonya Galcheva, Miglena Georgieva, Trifon Chervenkov, Yana Bocheva 21-31
Diagnostic value of fine needle aspiration biopsy of space - Occupying lesions of the parotid gland PDF
Tsvetan Tonchev, Karen Dzhabalyan, Nedyalka Zgurova, Ivan Krasnaliev 32-37
Fine needle aspiration biposy in the diagnosis of head and neck neoplasms: Literature review PDF
Karen Dzhabalyan, Tsvetan Tonchev 38-45
Postoperative follow-up of patients with liver resections on the occasion of colorectal metastases PDF
Boryana Naydenova, Nikola Kolev, V. Ignatov, Anton Tonev, A. Zlatarov, Krassimir Ivanov 46-49
Prognostic value of C-reactive protein in patients with liver resections on the occasion of colorectal metastases PDF
Boryana Naydenova, Nikola Kolev, Valentin Ignatov, Anton Tonev, A. Zlatarov, Krassimir Ivanov 50-53
Tumor Necrosis Factor - alpha in Clinical Manifestation of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation PDF
Mariya Negreva, Svetoslav Georgiev, Atanas Penev 54-60
Disorders of graphomotor skills in children with congenital intracranial arachnoid cysts PDF
Svetoslav Kalevski 61-65
Demographics of e.vermicularis prevalence in Varna district between 2010 and 2014, evaluated with perianal scotch tape test PDF
Kristian Yeremiev, Tatyana Cvetkova, Stoyan Pavlov, Kalina Stoyanova 66-70
Antiinflammatory potential of mulberry heartwood extract: Effects on the transcriptional levels of cox-2 and inos in prea PDF
Milka Nashar, Milena Pasheva, Desislava Ivanova, Diana Ivanova 71-76
Endodontic retreatment assisted with photodynamic biofilm control - Clinical case PDF
Maya Doychinova 77-81
Etiology and prevention of tooth decay - The theories, the history and the biotechnologies - A rewiew PDF
Maya Doychinova 83-92
Adverse reactions in the mouth when using dental amalgam PDF
Vladimir Panov 93-97
History of dental amalgam PDF
Vladimir Panov, Martina Markova 98-102
Awareness of dental students on the use of dental photography PDF
Radostina Vassileva, Ivan Denkov 103-105
Multidisciplinary team for integrated care and the place of the physiotherapist in the team PDF
Gergana Nenova, Todorka Kostadinova 106-111
Historicalvision of understanding disability PDF
Paraskeva Mancheva, Gergana Nenova 112-117
Legal, medical and social aspects of the expertise for working capacity - Past and present PDF
Paraskeva Mancheva 118-124
Types of calculations and approaches for medical services cost calculating PDF
Lyubomira Koeva 125-132

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