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Expression of RIPK3 among a cohort of Bulgarian patients with inflammatory bowel diseases PDF
Elena Panayotova, Antonia Atanassova
The evolution of the ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) concept in gynecological surgery PDF
Stanislav Slavchev, Angel Yordanov
Transversus abdominis plane block (TAP block)—part of the multimodal approach to analgesia in abdominal surgery. A review PDF
Atanas Zanev, Nikolay Mladenov
Current trends in the treatment of postoperative pain in abdominal surgery. A review PDF
Atanas Zanev, Boryana Naydenova
Impact of preoperative alpha blockade on intraoperative hemodynamic instability during general anesthesia for laparoscopic adrenalectomy for pheochromocytoma PDF
Katerina Ilieva, Atanas Zanev, Boryana Ivanova-Sabeva
The role of SGLT2 inhibitors in chronic heart failure treatment PDF
Nadezhda Hvarchanova
Causes of dry mouth PDF
Zahary Panov, Vladimir Panov
Molecular genetic markers in acute myelogenous leukemia—the good, the bad, and the intermediate PDF
Dinnar Ali Yahya, Mari Hachmeriyan, Milena Stoyanova, Lyudmila Angelova, Ilina Micheva, Trifon Chervenkov
Skin autofluorescence as a clinical tool for non-invasive assessment of advanced glycation end products—clinical significance and influencing factors PDF
Elitsa Hadjieva, Mila Boyadzhieva
Revacularization in limb arterial thrombosis PDF
Rumen Runkov
Quality assessment of doctoral programs by surveying the satisfaction of doctoral students in Bulgaria PDF
Georgi Petkov, Mila Georgieva
Case report: Robot-assisted partial nephrectomy of renal metastasis from breast cancer with Da Vinci Xi PDF
Inna Gocheva
Revascularization in acute limb arterial embolism PDF
Rumen Runkov
The effect of working conditions on cerebrovascular disease risk factors – a literature review PDF
Vladina Dimitrova-Kirilova, Aleksandra Yankova, Dimitrinka Dimitrova, Mihael Tsalta-Mladenov, Veselinka Nestorova
Significance of stress hyperglycaemia in acute ischemic stroke – a literature review PDF
Zhaneta Yaneva, Mila Boyadzhieva
Changes in saliva with age PDF
Vladimir Panov
Sea climate therapy—a current overview and possibilities for application in Bulgaria PDF
Maria Petrova, Stanila Stoeva, Nadezhda Hvarchanova, Marieta Georgieva
Medical supplies on ships PDF
Maria Petrova, Stanila Stoeva, Nadezhda Hvarchanova, Marieta Georgieva
Root canal treatment in elderly patients PDF
Vladimir Panov
Pain management in patients receiving radiation PDF
Kalina Katrandzhieva, Katya Eguruze
Use and satisfaction with specialized outpatient health services for children (PREMs) in Bulgaria PDF
Sonya Nedelcheva, Klara Dokova
The role of thyroid hormones on the skeletal muscle and the development of sarcopenia PDF
Gergana Tosheva, Mira Valentinova Siderova
Role of the apoptosis-inducing factor in physiological conditions and in malignant neoplasms PDF
Nevena Yanulova, Maria Tzaneva
How Titanic continues to change the future: machine learning in respiratory practice PDF
Evgeni Mekov, Rosen Petkov
Sex differences in anthropometric study of the auricle PDF
Deyana Velkova
Cardiopulmonary toxicity in radiotherapy of breast cancer – organs at risk and methods of limitation PDF
Teodora Gugleva, Elitsa Encheva
Sleep disorders and comorbidities in shift work: an overview PDF
Aleksandra Krasimirova Yankova, Dimitrinka Rosenova Dimitrova, Vladina Miroslavova Dimitrova-Kirilova, Veselinka Dimitrova Nestorova

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