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Journal of Varna Medical College

Journal of Varna Medical College

A periodical of the Medical University of Varna, which has been published since 2018. It is published in Bulgarian with the articles having metadata in English.

Current Issue

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The advantages of new technologies in digital healthcare PDF
Emilia Georgieva, Yordanka Mihailova, Nenko Tsvetkov, Nikolay Nedev
Continuing education – new opportunities and perspectives for medical laboratory assistants PDF
Yordanka Mihaylova
Primary large joint endroprosthesis in Paget's disease. Clinical experience PDF
Nikolay Kolarov
Femoral neck fracture in geriatric patients and the need for rehabilitation after hemiarthroplasty PDF
Nikolay Kolarov
Reduced physical activity as a contributing factor to musculoskeletal disorders in education workers PDF
Silviya Filkova, Nikolay Nedev, Yordan Georgiev, Antoaneta Tsvetkova

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