Scientific Online Resource System

Social Medicine

Vol 28, No 3 (2020)

Cover and Content PDF

History of medicine and healthcare

Fighting infant mortality – organizations, institutions, activities PDF
Nadezhda Mihaylova 2-9
Origin And Development Of The Activity Of Dental Technicians In Bulgaria PDF
Mihaela Varneva 10-15

Public Health

The Photovoice method – essence and application in public health PDF
Petya Boncheva 16-20

Health policy

Sanitary emergency – a path to a liberal democracy PDF
Françoise Marchand 21-26

Healthcare and Pharmacy Organisation

Specialized Electronic Tracking and Analysis System for the medicinal products (SETASMP) - challenges and attitudes for community pharmacists PDF
Ivo Kumanov, Magdalena Pesheva, Mariya Ivanova, Anna Todorova 31-35

Disease Management

Functional recovery after shoulder endoprosthetics in patients aged 65 and over with proximal humerus fractures PDF
Ivaylo Mitkovski, Lora Georgieva 27-30

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