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Vol 48 (2016): Suppl 2 Proceedings of the X international symposium on clinical anatomy

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Professor Juergen Koebke and the Bulgarian anatomy
W. Wassilev, M. Davidoff
Contemporary treatments (Myelotomy, Riluzole, Whole-Body Vibration) to improve neural regeneration and functional recovery after spinal-cord compression injury (SCI) in rats
D. Angelov, R. Gensch, R. Seitz, D. Cvetkova, S. Richter, S. Wennmachers, R. Jansen, Z. Isik, D. Abdulla, M. Manthou, T. Papamitsou, H. Erdem, S. Pavlov, B. Habib, G. Stein, C. Meyer, U. Ozsoy, L. Sarikcioglu, S. Dunlop
Structural and functional integration between nervous system and immune system
W. Ovtscharoff
Multiple roles of matrix metalloproteinases in the developing brain
V. Stefovska, C. Ikonomidou
Morphological plasticity of the rat mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus following periphery axotomy
N. Lazarov, A. Dandov, D. Atanasova
Neurochemical plasticity of peripherally axotomized mesencephalic trigeminal neurons of the rat
A. Dandov, D. Atanasova, N. Lazarov
Immunohistochemical evaluation of c-Fos activity in Dentate gyrus of cranially irradiated mice
NC. Ozturk, T. Koc, EB. Yilmaz
Foliation deficits of cerebellum-selective Pax6 conditional mutants
R. Spassov, J. Berger, A. Stoykova, AB. Tonchev
Deficiency of Parvalbumin-positive cortical interneurons in Zbtb20 knock out mice
D. Stoyanov, S. Pavlov, S. Stoykova, AB. Tonchev
Subpopulations of human fetal cortical microglia express markers IBA1 and HAM56
M. Zhelezov, undefined Angelova., undefined M, S. Pavlov, R. Minkov, AB. Tonchev
The adult stem cells are progeny of the microvascular pericytes
M.S. Davidoff
Animal model for human testicular dysgenesis syndrome (TDS) - recent approach to study Leydig cell differentiation
N. Atanassova
Adipobiology of the brain: from brain diabetes to adipose Alzheimer‘s disease
GN. Chaldakov, L. Aloe, AB. Tonchev, P. Ghenev, A. Maucher, M. Fiore, M. Zhelezov
The Effects of Nicotine on Forelimb Development in Rat Fetuses
H. Yilmaz, S. Yilmaz, D. Patat
Morpho-functional characteristic of estrogen action on mammalian spermatogenesis
E. Pavlova, N. Atanassova, R. Sharp
Cobalt - trace element, nutritional supplement and regulator of hematopoiesis
Y. Gluhcheva
Bilateral morphological anomaly of extracranial internal carotid arteries - clinical case
H. Nikolov, S. Lungarov, E. Ivanov, I. Gerasimov
18 Anatomical variations of the aortic arch and its branching
P. Valchanov, T. Tsvetkov
A comparative light-microscopic morphological study of the postnatal changes in the myocardium of the left and right ventricles in rat
G. Kotov, A. Iliev, B. Landzhov, L. Jelev, I. Dimitrova, D. Hinova-Palova
A highly abnormal separation of the left gastric artery (case report)
J. Stoyanov, D. Sivrev, N. Dimitrov, D. Atanasova, N. Tomov, A. Georgieva, I. Ivanova, S. Hamza, I. Vulkova
The role of Chiari`s network in cardiovascular pathology
Z. Marinova, R. Tsvetanova, E. Ivanova, D. Nikolov, Y. Yotov
Remembrance of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kuehnel
W. Wassilev, M. Davidoff
Foot and ankle - overview
D. Raykov, S. Dyankova
Clinico-anatomical presentation of the ankle sprain - the most common diagnosis in trauma centres
Pr. Penev, Raykov, M. Raykov, B. Belchev
Flexor hallucis longus tenosynovitis - anatomy and clinical behavior
Pr. Penev, M. Burnev, D. Raykov, K. Ganchev
Miniinvasive approach in treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures, based on 10 years experience
D. Raykov, M. Burnev, P. Penev
Peroneus brevis tendon tear after acute ankle sprain
Pr. Penev, D. Raykov, B. Belchev, M. Raykov, K. Ganchev, V. Simeonova
Insertional Achilles tendopathy - clinical presentation and primary treatment experience
M. Burnev, D. Raykov, Pr. Penev
Anatomical landmarks and prerequisite for mistakes in TKA
K. Mihov, A. Tabakov, M. Zagorov, S. Dobrilov
Subacromial impingement
C. Dobrilov, M. Zagorov, K. Mihov, T. Gerov, G. Nenova
Evaluation of effects of certain parameters related with hip joint on the functional capacity in children with cerebral palsy
O. Elvan, A. Kara, D. Ovla, M. Keskinbora, M. Komur, A. Ozgur
Ultrasonographical assessment of absence of palmaris longus muscle: a cross-sectional study in the Turkish population
K. Ozen, A. Karahan, S. Arslan, S. Baktik, F. Oncu, A. Cicekcibasi
Assessment of ultrasonographic sizes of median and ulnar nerves and association with anthropometric measurements
A. Karahan, S. Arslan, K. Ozen, F. Oncu, S. Baktik, A. Cicekcibasi
Anthropology of Gagauzes from Kavarna
R. Stoev
Relationship between Thyroid volume and anthropometric parameters
M. Kara
Imaging modalities for investigation of the rabbit liver anatomy
K. Stamatova-Yovcheva, R. Dimitrov, D. Kostov, D. Vladova, M. Radicheva, V. Marolleau
Friedman Tongue position and tongue movements
M. Yilmaz, U. Girisgen, A. Yilmaz
Microvascular peculiarities of the anterior vaginal wall - correlates to a `G-spot`?
N. Tomov, N. Dimitrov, D. Atanasova, D. Sivrev, L. Surchev
Comparison of Cormack and Lehane`s grade with tongue movements
U. Girisgen, M. Yilmaz
The different types of anesthesia in elective surgery significant impact on comparison of perfusion index
M. Yilmaz
Sources of Bulgarian anatomical knowledge. Aleksander Todorow Mańkowski - the first professor of histology and embryology
D. Stavrev
Proliferating cells in the adult primate cerebellar cortex after ischemia
V. Mihaleva, S. Pavlov, M. Angelova, D. Marinova, T. Yamashima, V. Goranova, AB. Tonchev
Expression of NADPH-d reactive neurons in hippocampus of Alzheimer`s disease rat model. A histochemical study
H. Angelova, A. Iliev, S. Stanchev, L. Malinova, D. Pechlivanova, E. Dzhambazova, B. Landzhov
Chiari I malformation - a review
R. Tsvetanova, E. Ivanova, Z. Marinova, D. Nikolov, M. Moynov
Dandy-Walker malformation - a review
E. Ivanova, R. Tsvetanova, Z. Marinova, D. Nikolov, M. Moynov
Establishment and application of cell cultures from mouse bone explants
T. Zhivkova, L. Dyakova, B. Andonova-Lilova, P. Beykov, L. Varbanova, A. Abudalleh, N. Saha, R. Alexandrova
Localization of matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -9 in the medial collateral ligament epiligament in rat knee
A. Iliev, G. Georgiev, B. Landzhov, I. Dimitrova, G. Kotov, P. Rashev, L. Malinova, W. Ovtscharoff
Morphological study of the medial collateral ligament epiligament tissue in human
G. Georgiev, A. Iliev, B. Landzhov, I. Dimitrova, G. Kotov, S. Slavchev, L. Malinova, W. Ovtscharoff
Morphological characteristics of a synthetic bone graft in recurring giant cell tumor of bone
G. Georgiev, K. Patrikov, A. Iliev, S. Slavchev, B. Landzhov
Effects of disulfiram, metal complexes of meloxicam and their combinations on viability and proliferation of human non-small cell lung cancer cells
L. Dyakova, T. Zhivkova, R. Khairallah, D. Culita, G. Marinescu, L. Patron, R. Alexandrova
Immunohistochemical study on localization of adipokines in endometrial cancer
B. Mitkova
Abnormal sperm morphology and the male fertility
M. Pencheva, Y. Koeva, N. Atanasova, I. Dechev, A. Tosheva, G. Nenkova, R. Susurkova
Early cerebellar changes after acute hypoxic injury in mice
E. Petrova, E. Pavlova, M. Dimitrova, D. Kadiysky
Quantitative evaluation of Leydig cell number and steroidogenesis in tandem with spermatogenic macro-parameters following experimentally induced diabetes mellitus and obesity in rat
E. Pavlova, E. Lakova, S. Yochkova, G. Krasteva, K. Svechnikov, N. Atanassova
Histochemical demonstration of tripeptidyl aminopeptidase I in rat organs
D. Atanasova, M. Dimitrova, N. Dimitrov, A. Dandov, I. Maslarski, N. Lazarov
Expression of ghrelin in the stomach of female rats with induced metabolic syndrome by high-fat, high-carbohydrate diet
P. Hrischev, N. Penkova, P. Atanassova, K. Georgieva
Morphological disorder progression in rat high-fat, high-carbohydrate diet induced metabolic syndrome
P. Hrischev, P. Atanassova, N. Penkova, G. Rancic, P. Angelova, K. Georgieva
The effect of subacute cadmium intoxication and subsequent detoxification with chelating agents on murine spleen
Y. Gluhcheva, J. Ivanova
Morphometrical features of adipose tissue of epiploon and subcutaneous adipose tissue
M. Myroshnychenko, I. Sorokina, K. Militsa, O. Pliten
Quantitative characteristics of the myocardium and the cardiomyocytes during different stages of the postnatal development in Wistar rats
A. Iliev, G. Kotov, B. Landzhov, L. Jelev, I. Dimitrova, D. Hinova-Palova
The normal intermesenteric collateral behind the meandering mesenteric artery: Case report
L. Jelev, S. Marangozov, K. Guirov
Structural changes in the rat carotid body after acute sodium nitrite treatment
D. Atanasova, N. Dimitrov, A. Dandov, N. Lazarov
Angiosome of the anterior tibial artery - anatomical basis and implications for limb salvage procedures
L. Jelev, S. Marangozov, K. Guirov
Androgen receptors blockage does not influence the expression of Irisin in myocardium of endurance trained rats
S. Delchev, K. Georgieva, F. Gerginska, P. Angelova, M. Shishmanova-Doseva
Heart: SEM of microvascular corrosion casting of feline models
D. Vladova, R. Dimitrov, D. Kostov, K. Stamatova-Yovcheva, M. Stefanov
Rare cases of anatomical variations of the long head of the biceps brachii muscle and their significance for orthopaedic surgery
G. Georgiev, A. Iliev, B. Landzhov, G. Kotov, I. Dimitrova, W. Ovtscharoff
Biomechanical and morphometric features of long flexor tendons of toes: a cadaveric study
O. Beger, G. Kirikci, C. Uzun, E. Keskinoz, O. Elvan, D. Uzmansel, M. Keskinbora, N. Erdal, Z. Kurtoglu, B. Tasdelen
Anatomical landmarks for the identification of greater occipital nerve for micro-surgical decompression/excision
C. Bozer, D. Donmez, M.A. Karahan, A.Z. Yilmazer, M. Parlak
An aberrant anterior lobe of the left lung in human
L. Jelev, W. Ovtscharoff, D. Hinova-Palova
Variant formation of the superficial palmar arch and its clinical significance
A. Iliev, G. Kotov, G. Georgiev, B. Landzhov, I. Dimitrova, L. Malinova, D. Hinova-Palova
Anatomical variations of the abductor pollicis longus muscle tendon-relation to de Quervain`s disease
B. Landzhov, G. Georgiev, A. Iliev, B. Matev, I. Dimitrova, L. Malinova
A variation of palmaris longus muscle: clinical significance for hand surgery
L. Malinova, A. Iliev, G. Georgiev, I. Dimitrova, B. Landzhov
An aberrant masticatory muscle
S. Stanchev, L. Malinova, L. Jelev
The significance of VATS biopsy in determining histopathological findings
S. Arif, N. Cvetkov, Z. Brady, D. Bulyashki, R. Radev
Precision and reliability of linear measurements obtained on 3D CT models of dry mandibles
D. Toneva, S. Nikolova, I. Georgiev, A. Tchorbadjieff
Bipartite zygomatic bone - a case report
S. Nikolova, D. Toneva, I. Georgiev
The Proportions of middle finger (hand) length to some facial lengths in young adults males
O. Taskinalp, O. Sencer
Between gender difference in fingerprint patterns between schizophrenia patients and normal controls
F. Ahmed-Popova, M. Mantarkov, S. Sivkov, V. Akabaliev
Gender differences in the somatotype of bipolar I patients and sex-matched controls
M. Mantarkov, F. Ahmed-Popova, V. Akabaliev, S. Sivkov
Aronia melanocarpa supplementation and thymic age alterations in rats
E. Daskalova, S. Delchev, P. Rashev, D. Ankova, D. Pupaki, S. Kitov, M. Kanarev
Morphological basis of the therapeutic effect of acupuncture in ST36 acupoint
N. Dimitrov, D. Atanasova, N. Tomov, A. Georgieva, I. Ivanova, K. Dinkova, I. Ganeva, Y. Staykova, D. Sivrev
A study in university students on the applied methods of transferring information through integrated teaching of anatomy
D. Jovanovska, D. Stavrev, T. Boneva, V. Dimitrova
Effect of whole body vibration on the myelination in the injured spinal cord of adult rats: quantification of luxol fast blue staining
E. Harizanova, D. Marinova, F. Wirth, G. Schempf, K. Wellmann, R. Harrach, L. Eisel-Stolz, M. Angelova, S.P. Pavlov, D.N. Angelov
Comparison of Cormack and Lehane`s grade with neck movements
M. Yilmaz
Tongue movements and predict difficult intubation
M. Yilmaz
Changing Friedman tongue position during labour
M. Yilmaz, U. Girisgen
Sex variances in palate and maxillo-alveolar breadth in the north-eastern Bulgarian population
D. Velkova, G. Stoyanov, D. Radoinova

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