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Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Medicine and Ecology Series

Vol 25, No 1 (2020)

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Clinical Medicine

The role of diet in the treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis PDF
Diana Gancheva-Tomova, Lili Trifonova 5-11
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in lean individuals or another rare differential diagnosis - a clinical case PDF
Pavlina Boykova-Valcheva, Diana Gancheva, Antonia Atanasova 12-17
Severity of clinical manifestation, and prognosis of patients with myelofibrosis PDF
Stela Dimitrova, Ilina Micheva 18-23
At the border of inflammation and fibrosis - serum expression of miR 29 in patients with inflammatory bowel disease PDF
Antonia Atanassova, Maria Teneva 24-29
The role of RIP3 in prostate cancer PDF
Kalin Kalchev 30-33
Outer retinal tubulations and their predictive value PDF
Elitsa Hristova, Zornitsa Zlatarova 34-39
Transplantation in ophthalmic practice in Bulgaria - a study based on a questionnaire survey PDF
Dimitar Grupchev 40-46
Ewing sarcoma of the clavicle (case report) PDF
Yavor Grigorov, Stanislav Filipov, Rosen Spasov, Marian Kanchev, Svetla Georgieva 47-52

Social Medicine

Prevention of children’s eye health, current state and opportunities for further development – the Bulgarian perspective PDF
Krassimira Dimitrova 53-58
Defining and developing Delphi techniques in integrative public health research PDF
Desislava Vankova 59-66

Dental Medicine

Influence of adenotomy/adenoidectomy on the respiration and occlusion in mouth-breathing children PDF
Zornitsa Valcheva, Hristina Arnautska, Gergana Ivanova, Iliyana Atanasova, Kiril Gogushev 67-71
Oral pathology in patients with cardiovascular diseases PDF
Christiana Madjova 72-77
Significance of non-clinical parameters for the clinical manifestation of non-cavitated carious lesions in children with nephrotic syndrome PDF
Sirma Angelova 78-83

Experimental Medicine

Influence of the endocannabinoid system on memory processes PDF
Dobrinka Doncheva, Miroslav Marinov, Margarita Velikova 84-92

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