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Suppl 1. The first conference with international participation health care - contribution to the quality of life September 29-30, 2016

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Original Articles

Expert assessment of practical approaches to optimize the participation of nurses in obtaining informed consent from the patient PDF
Anna Georgieva, Silvia Borisova, Violeta Staneva 11-15
Medical tourism in the eyes of the students PDF
Mariana Albert, Beni Asanova 16-18
Survey of the level of awareness among adolescents of sexually transmitted diseases and ways to prevent them PDF
Violeta Aleksieva, Ivan Dimitrov, Ivan Aleksandrov 19-22
Research on the awareness of pregnant women about diet during pregnancy PDF
Todorka Boeva, Rumyana Laleva 23-26
Evaluation - a reflection of knowledge or a set of coincidences PDF
Valia Dimitrova, Slavena Ilieva 27-31
Rational use of antibiotics PDF
Mariya Nacheva, Magdalena Ninova 67-70
The management of open and honest communication - a factor influencing nurse turnover PDF
Mariana Dimitrova 62-66
Patients on the role of modern midwives in conducting a normal birth PDF
Kremena Miteva, Zdravka Atanasova 71-74
Special nursing care of patients with orthotopic bladder in the postoperative period PDF
Milena Nankova, Katya Eguruze, Diana Grozdeva, Valerii Dulgerov 75-81
Research and analysis of knowledge and skills of health care professionals on the prevention and infection control in health care PDF
Magdalena Ninova 82-90
Anthropometry, physical ability and dispensary observation of school-age children - contribution to health prevention and public health PDF
Daniel Monov, Genoveva Ragyovska, Yulia Vitlyanova 91-94
Some aspects of the conservative treatment and prevention of lumbar disc disease PDF
Mariyana Mihajlova, Silviya Filkova, Vesselina Michaleva 95-100
Obstetric center for family counseling - an innovative model for family counseling work among marginalized groups PDF
Sonya Tontcheva, Teodora Evtimova 101-107
The programme `Stop and get checked` - an attempt to restore cancer screening in Bulgaria PDF
Nigyar Dzhafer 108-112
Needlestick injuries and post-exposure prophylaxis among nurses at Dr. Ivan Seliminski hospital - Sliven PDF
Pepa Dzhedzheva, Elena Zheleva, Ivan Alexandrov, Ivan Dimitrov 113-117
Caesarean or vaginal delivery - the choice of pregnant women through the eyes of 3rd-year students from the midwife program at the medical university of Varna PDF
Rumyana Laleva, Todorka Boeva, Valya Dimitrova 118-121
Prevention of blood-borne infections among nurses at Dr. Ivan Seliminski hospital, Sliven PDF
Pepa Dzhedzheva, Elena Zheleva, Ivan Alexandrov, Ivan Dimitrov 122-126
Contemporary aspects of the training in the professional sector of healthcare PDF
Hristina Milcheva 127-131
Patient safety - concept and characteristics of safety. The human factor impact PDF
Anna Kircheva, Rumen Konstantinov 132-137
Imaging diagnostic methods for colorectal cancer in contemporary medicine. Types and prevention PDF
Bistra Velchovska, Zhenya Zhekova-Maradzhieva, Atanas Uzunov, Evgeniya Ivanova, Desislava Petrova, Mariana Yordanova, Georgi Valchev 32-36
Legislation of competencies and opportunities for specialization of feldshers and physician assistants in primary health care PDF
Penka Vracheva 37-39
The need to improve prevention of breast cancer in rural areas PDF
Katya Eguruze 40-46
Health and safety during clinical practices and pre-graduation internships of students training to become a nurse PDF
Genoveva Ragiovska-Monova, Daniel Monov, Diana Grozdeva 46-49
The place of health care in social services for people with disabilities PDF
Daniela Konstantinova 50-52
Preventon of childhood diabetes in school environment: awareness of families PDF
Mariana Zhelyazkova, Silvia Borisova, Ivan Dimitrov 53-56
Attitudes and motivation of midwives to improve communicative competence PDF
Zdravka Atanasova, Kremena Miteva 57-61
Midwives coping with stress PDF
Slavena Ilieva, Valya Dimitrova, Rumyana Laleva 138-141
The time for communication with the patient and his relatives during hospitalization: prerequisite for quality healthcare PDF
Zhivka Margosyan, Mariana Zhelyazkova, Ivan Dimitrov 142-145
Role and Place of Health Care Managers in Managing Nurse Turnover PDF
Mariana Dimitrova 171-176
The need to obtain written informed consent for invasive nursing procedures with a view of Bulgarian legislation PDF
Anna Georgieva, Maria Valkanova 146-150
Intentions for professional realization for midwife interns from the Medical university of Varna PDF
Valya Dimitrova 151-155
Gallstone disease (Cholelithiasis) - pathogenesis, prevention and contemporary methods of imaging diagnostics PDF
Bistra Velchovska, Zhenya Zhekova-Maradzhieva, Atanas Uzunov, Evgeniya Ivanova, Desislava Petrova, Mariana Yordanova, Georgi Valchev 156-160
Influence of the Exercises with Sports Hammock on Functional Durability of the Postural Stability Muscles PDF
Natalia Usheva, Silviya Filkova 177-181
The effect of X-ray radiation on the human body - pros and cons. Radiation protection in medical imaging and radiotherapy PDF
Zhenya Zhekova-Maradzhieva, Bistra Velchovska, Atanas Uzunov, Evgeniya Ivanova, Desislava Petrova, Mariana Yordanova, Georgi Valchev 161-165
Need of Obstetric Family Consultation Activities for Patients from Marginal Groups PDF
Teodora Evtimova 182-187
Palliative nurse care - education and training PDF
Despina Georgieva, Greta Koleva 166-170
The Methodology of Training in Health Care - a Condition and Factor for Successful Implementation of Patient Safety in the Application of Medical Care PDF
Elena Zheleva, Pepa Dzhedzheva 188-190
Pre-Transplantation Care - Quality and Effectiveness of The Nursing Process in Patients on Hemodialysis PDF
Veselina Vasileva 192-195
Hemodialysis Patient`s Awareness about Kidney Transplantation PDF
Veselina Vasileva, Mariana Dimitrova 197-201
Role and Work Style of the Manager Nurses for Successful Conflict Management in the Hospital PDF
Violeta Tsvetanova 202-208

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