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Social Medicine

Vol 27, No 3 (2019)

Cover and Content PDF

Health policy

Biological food safety and health policy in this field PDF
Rositsa Enikova 2-9

Social medicine

A comparative study of mental health of medical students in two countries PDF
Elia Georgieva, A. Velkova, M. Vatansever, N. Hristov, P. Pesheva, I. Simeonova, D. Dimitrova 10-14
Prefered shannels for health information depending on health status PDF
Tatyana Karanesheva, Natashka Danova, Iliyana Yaneva 15-17


Transmission mechanism in COVID-19 and the management of the epidemic process PDF
Rumen Konstantinov 18-22


Digital health, telemedicine and COVID-19 PDF
Vladimir Gonchev 23-27

Economics of healthcare

Pharmacoeconomic analysis of medical abortion in Bulgaria PDF
D. Marinov, E. Grigorov, V. Belcheva, Sl. Djambazov 28-32


The Nurse and prophylactic care for children in their early age PDF
Galina Petrova, Svetla Dimitrova 33-36
Nursing’s motives for work in pediatric care PDF
Anna Georgieva 37-41


Study of the terms for performing procedures under the HTA of a medicinal product in Bulgaria for the period 04.2016-12.2018 PDF
Anelia Nikolova, E. Grigorov 42-46
Nursing cares at fast - track (laparoscopic and robotic ) surgery PDF
Milena Nankova Nankova, Silvia Borisova 47-50

History of medicine and healthcare

Moments from the history of the ambulatory file in our country PDF
Petar Tzonov 51-55

Cases of practice

Aesthetic restoration of the front teeth (case of practice) PDF
Izabela Oganesyan-Boeva 56-58

In the old archives

Feldsher education and practice in Bulgaria PDF
Petar Tsonov 59

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