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Biomedical Reviews

Vol 31 (2020)

Table of Contents

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Cover and Contents Cover and Contents I-IV

Editor's Foreword

Editor's Foreword PDF
Editor's Foreword Editor's Foreword V


Wale A.R. Sulaiman: The master of knowledge, neurosurgery and humanity PDF
George N. Chaldakov VI-VII

In Memoriam

The great Geoffrey Burnstock: A passion for discovery and empathy PDF
George N. Chaldakov VIII-IX


Transcription factor ZBTB20: What expression is telling us of its cellular function? PDF
Dimo S. Stoyanov, Anton B. Tonchev 1-10
Biomarkers of acute kidney injury and their role in clinical patient management PDF
Ecem Busra Deger, Enver Arslan, Muslim Dogan Deger, Oktay Kaya 11-29
On the new prospects in biology inspired by epigenetics PDF
Maria E. Krasteva 31-39
Role of NANOG in glioma malignancy development and potential as therapeutic target PDF
Fergie Runtu, Novi Silvia Hardyani 41-47
Phenotypic modulation of smooth muscle cells and matrix metalloproteinases as targets for atherosclerotic plaque stabilization PDF
George N. Chaldakov, Maria D. Zhelyazkova-Savova, Daniela Panayotova, Marco Fiore, Stanislav Yanev 49-60
Natural killer cells and immunotherapy based on monoclonal antibodies PDF
Magdalena Pencheva-Demireva, Katerina Kavaldzhieva, Nikola Mladenov, Tzvetanka Markova, Dimitrina Dimitrova-Dikanarova 61-65

Research Article

Brainstem expression of SLC6A4, HTR2C, NGF, BDNF, TRKANGF, TRKBBDNF and P75NTR following paternal alcohol exposure in the male mouse PDF
Giampiero Ferraguti, Claudia Codazzo, Carla Petrella, Roberto Coccurello, Mauro Ceccanti, Marco Fiore 75-89
Interactions between the endogenous cannabinoid system and the peptides of the Tyr-MIF-1 family modulate heat stress-induced analgesia PDF
Hristina H. Nocheva, Roman E. Tashev, Adriana I. Bocheva, Dimitrinka Y. Atanasova, Angel D. Dandov, Nikolai E. Lazarov 91-103

Dance Round

New challenges to renin-angiotensin-system in COVID-19 pandemic PDF
Stanislav Yanev, Tsveta Stoyanova 105-112
COVID-19 as an oxygen-deprivation disease PDF
Stanislav Yanev 113-116
Ongoing COVID-19 syndrome and post-COVID-19 syndrome: Long-term symptoms and residual changes after SARS-CoV-2 infection PDF
Kosta V. Kostov 117-123
From pathogenesis to therapy of COVID-19 PDF
Stanislav Yanev, George N. Chaldakov 125-133
In defense of the murburn explanation for aerobic respiration PDF
Kelath Murali Manoj 135-148
Supplementary information in defense of murburn explanation for aerobic respiration PDF
Kelath Murali Manoj 149-160


The murburn precepts for photoreception PDF
Kelath Murali Manoj, Vivian David Jacob 67-74

Case Report

Platelet-rich fibrin treatment of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw followed up for two years PDF
Meri Hristamyan, Veselka Hristamyan 161-163

Continuing Medical Education

A sample copy of the textbook Principles of Cell and Tissue Biology PDF
George N. Chaldakov 165-192

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