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2021: International Interdisciplinary Virtual Meeting “Alumni Club and Friends”. Book of Proceedings

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Supralabyrinthine And Infralabyrinthine Petrous Bone Cholesteatoma: Experience In Treatment In National Medical Research Center Of Otorhinolaryngology, Russia PDF
Khassan Diab, Nikolay Daikhes, Olga Pashchinina, Olga Panina, Svetlana Kokhaniuk 15-25
Morphological study of the biomaterials used for ossicular chain reconstruction. I. General principles PDF
Mario Milkov, Georgi Marinov, Robert Guidoin 26-30
Foreign bodies in the aerodigestive tract among patients frequenting the ENT emergency department in Tirana, Albania PDF
Suela Sallavaci, Gentian Stroni, Ervin Toci 31-36
Acute Unilateral Vestibulopathy PDF
Augusto Pietro Casani 37-49
Professional Stress and Burnout Syndrome Among Employees in Municipal Hospitals PDF
Valentin Stoyanov, Kalina Trifonova, Kiril Slaveykov 50-55
Antihypertensive Therapy Volume Reduction Following Dietary Consultation And The Establishment Of An Adequate Nutritional Intake PDF
Tatyana Mateva, Ivan Enev, Boyko Matev 56-60
A Combined Form Of Eating Disorder During Pregnancy – A Case Report PDF
Darina Naydenova, Dimitar Marinov 61-64
Critical Analysis of Intermittent Fasting PDF
Dimitar Marinov, Darina Naydenova 65-69
Celiac Disease – Thе Old New Disease PDF
Miglena Georgieva 70-73
Treatment Of Infantile Hepatic Hemangiomas With Propranolol – A Clinical Case PDF
Petar Shivachev, Miglena Georgieva, Kalina Ganeva 74-78
Expression Of Micro-Ribonucleic Acid 451 When Used With Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease PDF
Antonia Atanassova 79-83
History of Posturology in the World and in Bulgaria PDF
Miroslav Stoykov 84-91
Sleep Disorders among Workers in an Environment with High Psychosocial Risk PDF
Marina Samuneva-Zhelyabova, Ivaylo Zhelyabov 92-97
Poor Lighting and Visual Impairments Among Administration Workers PDF
Marina Samuneva-Zhelyabova, Ivaylo Zhelyabov 98-102
Robotic Surgery – Challenges in Nursing Practice PDF
Silviya Borisova, Milena Nankova 103-105
Main Problems of Patients with Rare Diseases on the Territory of the Republic of Bulgaria PDF
Marina Yordanova 106-111
The influence of Sleep bruxism and OSAS on dental health PDF
Gergana Georgieva, Mihael Enchev, Mario Milkov 112-117
Is it possible to use 5 G in dental medicine education? PDF
Dzhendo Dzhendov, Gergana Georgieva 118-120
Comparative Analysis of Oral Hygiene in Children with Fixed Orthodontic Technique and Healthy Controls PDF
Elena Dimova, Radosveta Andreeva 121-124
Application Of Digital Technologies In The Pharmaceutical Sector PDF
Galina Petrova, Velichka Andonova 125-131
Role of the Communication in the Training of the Dental Technician Under Pandemic Conditions PDF
Minko Milev, Svetlana Peneva 132-134
E-Education during the COVID Pandemic PDF
Kiril Slaveykov, Kalina Trifonova, Valentin Stoyanov 135-139
Additive digital technologies in contemporary dental medicine. A review PDF
Stefan Rangelov 140-143
Online Education – Advantages and Disadvantages for the Nurse and Midwife Programs PDF
Teodora Evtimova, Sonya Toncheva 144-149
Telemedicine as a Means of Delivering Prenatal Care PDF
Hristina Ivanova 150-153
Challenges and Solutions for Nurses and Midwives in the Context of Digitalization PDF
Sonya Toncheva, Teodora Evtimova 154-159
Technologies – a tool for sensory impact on children PDF
Snezhana Veleva 160-165
Development of Bulgaria as a sustainable health tourism destination and application of good practices in the field of medical spa, spa and wellness tourism in the times of the СOVID-19 pandemic PDF
Siyka Katsarova 166-172
Good European practices in the field of health tourism in Germany and Hungary PDF
Siyka Katsarova 173-180

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